(IN ENGLISH) Immigrants around the world – Editorial

jb04bThere are immigrants everywhere in the world, a fact that will become increasingly normal and inevitable in a globalized world and surrounded by technology and modern media. Even the North American eventually become immigrants when they decide to work or live in other countries, giving their contribution to the world at large projects. No more sense, therefore there is no difference in the treatment of immigrants around the world, already fully interconnected by the internet, trade, education and mutual cooperation in international projects and for the benefit of all mankind. Immigrants should be aware that when they decide to live in another country, must adapt and accept the laws, customs and traditions of this country. For this reason, the Immigrants Network encourages immigrants around the world to educate themselves, both in language learning, as legal rules, respect all local customs and traditions so that they can always contribute to improvement of nations, and optimize international and cultural relations peacefully and cooperatively, without discrimination. On the other hand, to the native people, it is appropriate to understand that immigrants are needed for the development of population and miscegenation of the human species. And as humans, we are all brothers. We ask God to enlighten everyone to a more united world and with less discrimination and more tolerance, acceptance, understanding and coexistence among the people of the world.
By: Juliano Braga 

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